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catatan : Uraian singkat dibawah ini adalah email yang baru saja saya terima dari Mr. Alan L Contreras (11-May-2010) , yang juga di tujukan kepada banyak ahli dibidang Diploma Mills di berbagai kawasan. Yang dimaksud dengan Mr. Poulton dan Mr. Stamenta adalah officer IAU dan UNESCO di Paris. Semoga bermanfaat (MYR)

Mr. Poulton, Stamenka et al. :

Please beware of the entity called "Irish University Business School" operating out of the Philippines. It is owned by someone who is known to operate bogus colleges in the U.K. We consider anything operated by Mr. Wooller to be inherently suspect.

We will prohibit use of IUBS degrees in Oregon whether they have some supposed Philippine approval or not. The Philippines has become one of the major centers for Asian degree mills, and we surmise that some of the entities there such as IOND (a fake that sells degrees mainly in Japan) and IUBS operate based on local corruption.

See below for more information.

"I guess IAU might be particularly interested in the following 2 reports, one by the UK Institute of Chartered Accountants, the other by the BBC. These 2 reports are frankly not easily dismissed. The first 12 pages from the ICA report relate to "Dr." Wooller:

Disciplinary Orders
Disciplinary Committee tribunal orders

1 Dr Herbert Jeffrey Wooller [FCA] of Coburn Road, London, E3 2DA.

The following formal complaint was preferred by the Investigation Committee to a Disciplinary Tribunal of the Council at a hearing on 13 October 2009.

That the defendant

Is liable to disciplinary action under Disciplinary Bye-law 4(1)(a), namely:

“…in the course of carrying out professional work or otherwise he has committed any act or default likely to bring discredit on himself, the Institute or the profession of accountancy”.

In that

1 Between 2000 and 2008, Dr Wooller held the position of Vice Chancellor, Provost and/or Honorary Vice Chancellor of the Irish International University (‘IIU’) and during this period, was aware, or ought to have been aware, of the

following matters concerning the IIU, and took no, or no adequate, steps to investigate or prevent their continuance:

1.1 The IIU was not independently accredited, contrary to the statement on its website from at least April 2004;

1.2 The description of the IIU’s structure and governance on its website was inaccurate and misleading from at least December 2005;

1.3 The IIU held itself out as providing applicants with higher education awards and qualifications equivalent to those which could be obtained from a British or other University subject to regulation by the relevant

national public authority, when such awards were not of such equivalence and were of little or no intrinsic academic value, with the result that:

1.3.1 Prospective students would have been likely to have been misled into applying for courses leading to a qualification from the IIU, in the belief that it represented something of genuine educational value; and/or

1.3.2 Employers would have been likely to have been misled (or students would have attempted to mislead employers) into accepting the qualifications and awards issued by the IIU as evidence of genuine academic achievement.

2 From 2003 to 10 September 2008, Dr Wooller has held the position of Vice Chancellor of the Irish University Business School (‘Irish UBS’, formerly known as the Irish Business School) in which capacity he referred to and relied upon

his status as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and during this period he was aware, or ought to have been aware, of the following matters concerning the Irish UBS, and took no, or no adequate, steps to investigate or

prevent their continuance:


Sentencing order

55 The tribunal took account of its Sentencing Guidelines and took as its starting point; exclusion. The tribunal considered this case to be extremely serious and represented a most blatant breach of the Bye Laws. The defendant had

systematically allowed the public to be misled over a considerable number of years. This was conduct which was wholly unacceptable for a chartered accountant and warranted the most serious of sanctions. The tribunal noted the aggravating feature of the previous disciplinary record. This indicated that the defendant had been engaged in a similar course of conduct over many years and that he would have been fully aware of the improper nature of his conduct.

56 A further aggravating feature was the likely financial loss to students and possibly employers. The defendant had shown absolutely no remorse for his actions indicating either a profound lack of insight or high level of arrogance.

This type of conduct fell far below the standards of integrity and professionalism expected of a chartered accountant and was incompatible with continued membership of the Institute.

From the BBC item:

The tribunal heard that the Institute's own investigator Nigel Howell met Dr Wooller in London last year, four days before he was due to hand out more degrees to students from the Irish University Business School (IUBS) and the International University Business School.

He admitted that the degrees from both of these bodies - which he solely owned - were "absolutely worthless in the UK". Dr Wooler said that the (IUBS) was a "virtual reality organisation". During our undercover filming Dr Wooller said he "dished out" certificates to students

in Malaysia because they appreciated seeing a white face. He later explained that students from Nigeria were "not bothered who issues degrees... it does not matter to them. So long as it says degree, that's it". Dr Wooller always maintained that he was just a figurehead in

the (IIU) and had no involvement in the day-to-day academic side of the business. ("

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